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Male famle Posted on 10/30/2013
Malefamle7wks old house kept
Show, breed and pet class puppies Posted on 9/8/2010
Showbreedandpetclasspuppies12 Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies, including 7 perfect show-class males and one female are waiting for their owners.\r\nPuppies where born on August, 10.
Sheepadoodles Posted on 2/22/2010
SheepadoodlesWe are expecting our first litter in Mid April 2010
Pretty pebbles for adopt Posted on 4/27/2016
PrettypebblesforadoptHi, my name is pebbles. I am 13 week old, young husky puppy, has 12-27 kg of weight or 26-60 lbs of weight. Pebbles is already purebred and spayed puppy.
akc registered english bulldog puppies Posted on 8/16/2012