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lovely puppies for free adoption Posted on 3/24/2011
Adopt Jimmy a Pomeranian  Posted on 4/19/2016
AdoptJimmyaPomeranianHi, my name is Jimmy and I'm at the Regional Animal Services shelter in Kent waiting for a new home. You can also find me by my ID #A491071. I'm about 3 yrs old and weigh around fifteen pounds. Im a e
Boxer puppy starling for adopt Posted on 4/21/2016
BoxerpuppystarlingforadoptHi, my name is starling. I am housetrained, neutered and upto date with shot. Starling is good with kids, adult dog and cats. I am waiting for new house. Hope you can adopt me. Can’t wait for new home
Sweet puppy bujo looking for new house Posted on 4/22/2016
SweetpuppybujolookingfornewhouseHi, my name is Bujo. I'm an energic puppy, happy and young. Bujo love to make new friend. I am unique puppy with playful personality. I love play with kids, cats and adult dogs. I am looking for new h
Playful puppy shiner waiting someone for adopt Posted on 4/23/2016
PlayfulpuppyshinerwaitingsomeoneforadoptHi, my name is shiner. I am young puppy, happy and playful personality. I am waiting for someone adopts me for new house. Shiner is always friendly with kids, cats and dogs. Do not hesitate to contact
Boy puppy Tyler looking for new parents Posted on 4/23/2016
BoypuppyTylerlookingfornewparentsHi, my name is Tyler. I want to make you as my new best friend. I am young puppy, playful, interesting and friendly with kids. I am housetrained, and neutered. I love to share my fun with you. It will
Boxer puppy Merlin for adopt Posted on 4/23/2016
BoxerpuppyMerlinforadoptMy name is Merlin. I have special personality because I always playful with kids, cats and dogs. I love play with you and make some fun together. I am unique and don’t mind to share fun together. I am
Pretty puppy mischief ready to go for adopt Posted on 4/23/2016
PrettypuppymischiefreadytogoforadoptI was born on rescue on January 2016. I am puppy boxer and I am ready for foster to adopt and looking for new home. If you are interested with me, please fill out application to angela at saverescue d
Young puppy Magic is waiting for you Posted on 4/23/2016
YoungpuppyMagiciswaitingforyouHi, my name is Magic. I am happy puppy, young, clean and can spread my magic with you. Magic is interested to learn new trick and playful personality. I love to play for fun and share laugh with you.
Sweet puppy scarlet for adopt Posted on 4/23/2016
SweetpuppyscarletforadoptHey, here is scarlet is waiting for you. I am already cleaned, spayed, neutered, and house trained. You can see me on Monday-Thursday starting at 09.00 am – 03.00 pm and on Saturday at 10.00 am – 01.0
Beau boy ready for adoption Posted on 4/23/2016
BeauboyreadyforadoptionHi, my name Beau. I am boy, young, happy and playful personality. I am ready to move with you. I am already cleaned, housetrained and neutered. You will find special personality from me because I love
Hoot puppy already cleaned for you Posted on 4/23/2016
HootpuppyalreadycleanedforyouHi, my name is hoot. I am sweet boy puppy, young and playful. Hoot is purebred, neutered, housetrained and cleaned. I am already cleaned from vaccine, tick and flea prevention, heart worm and micro ch
Rigera is waiting perfect family for adoption Posted on 4/23/2016
RigeraiswaitingperfectfamilyforadoptionMy name is reigera. I am 7 weeks old. I am very young puppy, neutered and cleaned. Rigere is easy going and love to play and play. Rigera want to build perfect family dogs. He serve you well by sleepi
Sweet Goofy looking for someone to adopt Posted on 4/27/2016
SweetGoofylookingforsomeonetoadoptHi, my name is Goofy. I am young puppy. I am twelve month old. Goofy is fun and love to play and play. I am already cleaned, neutered and free of infection.
Blue is looking for new home  Posted on 4/27/2016
BlueislookingfornewhomeHi, I am blue puppy. I am already purebred, neutered and house trained puppy. I love play with kids, cat and other puppy. Blue is 28-45 kg/61-100 lbs weight, male and young.
Colton puppy already cleaned for new home Posted on 4/27/2016
ColtonpuppyalreadycleanedfornewhomeHi, my name is Colton. I am 12-27 kg or 26-60 lbs of weight, husky puppy, young, purebred and already neutered puppy. Colton is good play with kids, cat and other dogs.
Sweet Rocky, neutered for you Posted on 4/27/2016
SweetRockyneuteredforyouHi, my name is rocky. I am 1 year old, boy husky puppy, 12-27 kg weight or 26-60 lbs weight. I am already neutered, good play with children, cats and dogs.
Sweet Nina already housetrained for you Posted on 4/27/2016
SweetNinaalreadyhousetrainedforyouHi, my name is Nina. I am 7 months old. Nina is young, already housetrained and spayed. I am good play with kids, cat and dogs. Nina is 12-27 kg or 26-60 lbs of weight, female and young husky puppy.
Pretty pebbles for adopt Posted on 4/27/2016
PrettypebblesforadoptHi, my name is pebbles. I am 13 week old, young husky puppy, has 12-27 kg of weight or 26-60 lbs of weight. Pebbles is already purebred and spayed puppy.
Sweet Samson looking for adoption Posted on 4/27/2016
SweetSamsonlookingforadoptionHi, my name is Samson. I am already cleaned and neutered. I am 28-45 kg or 61-100 lbs of weight. I am gorgeous husky puppy and young.
Sven husky is waiting for new home Posted on 4/27/2016
SvenhuskyiswaitingfornewhomeHi, my name is Sven. I am already cleaned, neutered and purebred puppy. I am good with children and dogs.
Pretty crystal for adoption Posted on 4/27/2016
PrettycrystalforadoptionHi, my name is crystal. I am 9 week old, young husky puppy. I am already cleaned, purebred and housetrained. I am playful personality.
Sweet Kalia looking for perfect family Posted on 4/27/2016
SweetKalialookingforperfectfamilyHi, my name is Kalia. I am already neutered, cleaned and spayed. Kalia is good to play with young children, cats and dogs.
Adorable tea cup yorkie puppies for free adoption Posted on 4/11/2008
Adorableteacupyorkiepuppiesforfreeadoptionpuppies for adoption to any good and lovely that will love and
Adorable tea cup yor kie puppies for free adoption Posted on 4/16/2008
Adorableteacupyorkiepuppiesforfreeadoptionhand raised cute tea cup yorkie puppies for free adoption beautiful coats, loving skills and sociable with other home pets and kids
Adorable tea cup yorkie puppies for free adoption Posted on 5/6/2008
AdorableteacupyorkiepuppiesforfreeadoptionHand raised cute tea cup yorkie puppies for free adoption beautiful coats,
Adorable teacup yorkie puppies for free adoption Posted on 6/11/2008
AdorableteacupyorkiepuppiesforfreeadoptionThey are all home raised and have being taking potty ,crate, and toilet training lessons since birth .They are socialized and get along with children and other pets.Vet checked ,have got all recent wo
cute and adorable teacup yorkie puppies for adopti Posted on 7/18/2008
cuteandadorableteacupyorkiepuppiesforadoptii have nice baby face Shelly,Lili and Lino (Shelly and Lili are the female and Lino is the male) they are 12 weeks old,Yorkie puppies to give it out for free adoption. They are vet checked, AKC regi
cute and adorable english bulldog puppies for adop Posted on 7/22/2008
cuteandadorableenglishbulldogpuppiesforadopCute Adorable 11 weeks old AKC registered English bulldog puppies ready form a caring home.They are all vet checked health guaranteed and will be coming with all her vet records and health papers. Dew
adorable english bulldog puppies for adoption Posted on 9/1/2008
adorableenglishbulldogpuppiesforadoptionchecked and vet checked. please if you are interested contact for more informations and the pictures.
teacup yorkie puppies for adoption Posted on 9/3/2008
teacupyorkiepuppiesforadoptionwell trained and cute teacup yorkie puppies for adoption if interested mail us back for more information
lovely yorkie puppies for adoption Posted on 10/13/2008
lovelyyorkiepuppiesforadoptionhello danny and lucy are akc registered tea cup yorkies they are vet checked and rkc registered and dewormed they will be coming along with some past and present health papers and some playing toys so